FAQ's and zone guides we will follow from Ontario Soccer


Will there be Social Distancing amongst players and everyone on the field?
Social Distancing is only required for players and coaches before their game (no social distancing during games or on the bench). Social Distancing is required at all times for spectators, management, and volunteers.

Do we need to wear proper PPE equipment (face masks)?
Face Masks are required before and after all games for players. Spectators, volunteers, management, and coaches are required to wear COVID-19 PPE's at all times. 

Will MYSL provide COVID-19 PPE equipment?
MYSL will have face masks and hand sanitizer onsite. We strongly encourage all players, spectators, volunteers, coaches, referees, and management to bring their own gear first.

Who can attend the games?
Step 3 allows 75% or 5000 capacity for spectators

The above restrictions are in accordance with the guidelines given to Ontario Soccer as stated by local Public Health Units. 

Will there be a snack program?
Players are required to bring their own snacks and drinks. There will not be snack sharing/rotation.

Will MYSL Pre-Screen everyone on the field prior to games?
Before every game, all players, spectators, volunteers, coaches, referees, and management are to fill in a pregame waiver form indicated they have no symptoms, they have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms, and have not travelled outside the country, or been in contact with anyone that has within the past 14 days.