Summer outdoor soccer For Boys and Girls born 2017 - to Adults

From July 11th to Sept.12th, 2021

Tentative Game Schedule

Division Game Time
U5 Sunday 05:00 PM
U6 Sunday 04:00 PM
U7 Sunday 03:00 PM
U8B Sunday 02:00 PM
U8G Sunday 02:00 PM
U10B Sunday 01:00 PM
U10G Sunday 02:00 PM
U12B Sunday 12:00 PM
U12G Sunday 03:00 PM
U14B Sunday 12:00 PM
U14G Sunday 04:00 PM
U16B Sunday 12:00 PM
Yb 17+ Sunday 04:00 PM

Please note, if the Government of Ontario cancels outdoor activities this summer, we will provide all registered players a full refund.

May we have a successful summer this year and thank you all for your patience and support during these unprecedented times.

Coaches' Corner


Coaches are the heart of the league. The MYSL is committed to having good dedicated coaches to help make our kids experience a great one. Every coach in the MYSL is a VOLUNTEER. They choose to support the community and the kids by  volunteering their time to make the league possible. MYSL is dedicated to providing coaches with the tools necessary to be successful. Coaches: you should be checking the coaches' corner regularely for updated information and resources to help you throughout the season.

Click here to go to the Coach Page.

Parents' Corner

MYSL is committed to working with parents to create a fun and safe environment for kids.  We encourage parents to become active in the MYSL by cheering for their children, bring snacks or become a coach.  For more information and tips click here Parents Page

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