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Session-1 Oct.8 to Dec.22-2018   Session-2 Jan.5 to Mar,23-2019
Division Year Time   Division Year Time
Access Kix 12+ 4:00 Access Kix 12+ 4:00
Men 30+ 1988 or before 5:00 Men 30+ 1988 or before 5:00
U8 Mix 2010-2012 6:00 U8Mix 2010-2012 6:00
U10Boys 2008-2009 6:00 U10Boys 2008-2009 6:00
U12Boys 2006-2007 7:00 Girls U13 2005,2006,2007 7:00
      Girls 14+ 2004 or before 7:00
U15Boys 2005,2004, 2003 8:00 U13Boys 2005,2006, 2007 8:00
YB 16+ 2002+ 9:00


2004, 2003, 2002


YB 2001+ TBD


Important dates

  • October 6th : 1st day of indoor 1
  • December 22: Last day of indoor 1
  • January 5th: 1st day of ndoor 2

Parents' Corner

MYSL is commited to working with parents to create a fun and safe environment for kids.  We encourage parents to become active in the MYSL by cheering for their children, bring snacks or become a coach.  For more information and tips click here Parents Page

Coaches' Corner


Coaches are the heart of the league. The MYSL is committed to having good dedicated coaches to help make our kids experience a great one. Every coach in the MYSL is a VOLUNTEER. They choose to support the community and the kids by  volunteering their time to make the league possible. MYSL is dedicated to providing coaches with the tools necessary to be successful. Coaches: you should be checking the coaches' corner regularely for updated information and resources to help you throughout the season.

Click here to go to the Coach Page.

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